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Monday, August 20, 2012

Temporary Gray hair coverage

This grey hair coverage tip is compliments of one of my clients! I introduced the "Tween Time" cover stick to give temporary gray coverage around the hairline. I also introduced the "Total Transformations Edges" product to smooth edges down. However, I never introduced the two together. Actually, I fell out of love with the "Smooth Edges" product and discontinued selling and using it.

Well, over the years almost every black hair company has introduced their version of the "Smooth Edges" product/cream gel. So I picked up this one pictured by Silk Elements. It has a lot of glycerin in it. I liked the ingredients overall.

So how should you combine these two products? Well, apply the color stick to the hairline where you need gray coverage first, then apply the "straight edges" cream gel to seal and keep the color stick stain from rubbing off overnight and to keep the edges straight.

I have not put this combination into practice yet, but my client swore by it. Hopefully, the brand will not make a difference. I tried it on my arm, and it seemed reasonable. I will keep you posted on my client feedback on this tip in coming weeks.

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  1. This combination of products has worked like a charm! Smooth edges with the gray hairs undercover!