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Friday, July 20, 2012

Wet wrap Regimen for short relaxed hair

Lately, I have been very successful with styling short cuts by using the combination of products pictured.

1) Spray Joico Leave-in Detangler through out hair and comb through. 2) I have been using the "Freddie J" inspired molding pattern. Please see separate blog article on hair artist Freddie J "Breaking the mold Dvd." 3)I would then use two palm full of Paul Mitchell Sculpting lotion distributed. 4) Next apply Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam distributed making sure that the hair is molded flat. 5) Use the "wrap styling strips" to hold hair down around the perimeter. I believe Freddie J's dvd that I mentioned in step 2 above has a professional way of using two styling strips for a secure placement. 6) Upon drying completely, you can use Bee Mine Products "Hair and scalp moisturizer" and a large paddle brush to loosen up the hold. (I may experiment with a few more other lightweight oils in the future just to have other options.) 7)Also, distributing some Kayvel Curl Wave sparingly helps with your marcel iron curling. Remember to brush the mold to loosen it up! It will be soft when you release the "temporary" product hold.

Final Results: Soft to touch shiny hair with a firm hold without it being crunchy.


  1. Could you please do an article on a basic wet set regime? It is tricky finding the right products especially when your dealing with humdity! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Hi Kelli!Believe it or not, the Paul Mitchell Sculpting Lotion by itself works well for fine hair for a roller set service. Also, Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam by itself works well for coarser textures. I have so many different textures of hair within my clientele, that I sometimes use Jane Carter Solutions Wrap N Roll or Nairobi Setting Lotion. It depends on customer preference. It becomes trial and error. My clients experiment until we find the right setting agent for them. I wished that I had a better answer for you! I hope that this helps!