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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Rest of my SisterLock Story

When I called SisterLocks headquarters to complain about not receiving my Starter Kit which I am still waiting on, I failed to mention the lack of business etiquette that I encountered with this particular SisterLock consultant. I suppose Sisterlocks headquarters can not control how consultants run their business, but here is the rest of my story:
I was impressed with my SisterLock consultant at the initial consultation. She performed my test locks, answered my questions, and showed me the two SisterLock videos. Great. Then she needed a $25 CONSULTATION Fee. Great. Not a problem. Then she asked for a $100 deposit to hold the install date which was about six weeks away. Great. Not a problem except she had no receipt book. I asked her to write out something to show that I paid her. She did write out the basics on a sheet of plain paper. She said that she does not seek out a lot of new clients so she does not keep a receipt book. I accepted that answer.

 Then on the next day, she called me on the phone to inform me that she forgot to tell me that my $100 deposit was non-refundable. I told her that I was committed to having her perform the service, but that information would be better told to a customer upfront.

The consultant and I played phone tag over the next six weeks trying to get the timeframe down of two 8 hour days or two 12 hour days. I also was trying to finalize my transportation plans because she was 25 to 30 minutes across town. Then at 6:00am of the morning of installation which was scheduled for 8am, my consultant calls me mentioning that if she finishes that she will need all of her money that day. I told her that there was no way between 6am and 8am that morning that I was going to be able to get the other half of her money. I told her that was not the plan, and that she would have needed to let me know sooner. She was okay with that.

The installation day one went fine except she realized that she forgot to order my starter kit. She did attempt to order over the phone that day from the headquarters, but I do not know the results. We only completed 1/3 of my head. She was a little concerned about completing the rest of my head within 12 hours on the next day. So she agreed to pick me up from the train stop to save me a 10 to 15 minute walk on day two. However, on day two, I called her about 10 minutes before the train was due to arrive at the station near her subdivision. I got her voicemail. I then called to let her know that the train had just pulled into her station. I got her voicemail. I began my 10 to 15 minute walk when she finally called to see where I was because she lost track of time while going for a run. I told her that I had gotten to her subdivision. She then said that by the time, she got into the car, that I would be already there. So I walked on. I arrived on her porch and rang the doorbell. No answer. I then knocked on the door. No answer. I then rang her doorbell again. No answer. Then I called her again, and I got her voicemail. I stated that I was standing on her porch, and I did not know if her doorbells were working. Then she finally answers the door. I was literally "hot" from it being muggy outside and my patience level was "through the roof." She apologized. She tried to take a quick shower, and I got there rather fast. So I was calming myself down and drinking water to cool me down. I did not want to complain because she still had my hair to do and I had already paid her $425.00 for one third of my head. I really needed to get through this situation as professionally as I could. So I just smiled and kept my complaints to myself. I brought an empty bottle for her to pour some starter shampoo from her gallon size, but she was running low, so she gave me enough for a shampoo or two until my starter kit came in. We finished in 8 hours, and she kindly drove me back to my side of town. I was grateful.

Now, as you know, I still have yet to get my starter kit. It should be in my hands within a few more weeks, but where is the business etiquette in this situation? I prefer not to switch consultants, but I have been dissatisfied with the level of customer service that I have received thus far. I believe the locks were installed properly based on my research on youtube videos, etc. I am still frustrated by my experience. Do you think that SisterLocks headquarters should also be informed of the rest of my SisterLocks installation experience?


  1. Glory be to God! My SisterLock consultant just drove from across town to bring me my SisterLock starter kit! I was so happy!!! Yes, we did have a good heart to heart talk with some tempers flaring. But we cleared the air, and she apologized. She said many of her clients are very laid back, but she did sense that I was strong willed. She said that she wanted to keep me as a client or at least not to end the situation on a sour note. I was happy that she finally understood how frustrated that I was, and how something as simple as getting me my starter kit made everything so much better. Now, I can really continue to enjoy my SisterLocks! YAY!!!!

  2. After your SLs have matured, are you going to become a consultant? From your story, it looks like you would be a great professional one!

  3. Hi Yoli: Yes! I am headed to SL training soon!!! I could not resist learning more about technique and to be able to offer it as a new salon service. Thanks for your compliment!