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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nighttime Hair maintenance Using Headbands

I picked these "Ouchless Gentle fit" headbands to use at night. The first method is for long straight hair. It is called "Headband curls." I found this youtube tutorial by searching for "no heat curls." click here for headband curls video by CuteGirlsHairstyles
Pictured is the results of the headband curling method from the night before. I achieved beautiful S-shaped waves in my straight hair. I used the Joico Leave-in Detangler to mist my hair before spiral wrapping around the headband.
For those with relaxed hair, try a water based hairdressing instead of a mist, then spiral wrap around the headband.
The second nighttime method is for long curly hair. It is called the "Pineapple Method." click here for pineapple method video using a scrunchie The headband is better for those with thicker or kinkier hair that will not fit into the scrunchie.
The overall idea of the pineapple method is to pile all the curls on top of your head and hold them there overnight.

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