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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Male Chest Hair: What's your preference?

Chest hair on men came up during one of my conversations with a client. She apparently like many other ladies, can not stand chest hair on men.
Then you have some ladies that may be okay with male chest hair as long as it does not look like "taco bell beef" (i.e. kinky) One blogger literally had a "Taco Bell" picture attached to her article on how disgusting and appalled she was by kinky chest hair.

I have to admit that I never gave much thought to the whole chest hair question until now. I was always looking for men with a personality and an attractive face. I don't think chest hair would be a deal breaker for me. I think that it is something that I could get used to if my mate had chest hair. I actually think that both of these men in this article seem to be confident in their sexiness with their chest hair - be it kinky or not.

The male chest hair topic is just like other ladies' hair topics. If the hair that you show is not "wavy" "exotic-looking" or "tamed" then you are not considered socially acceptable.

So how stressed are men over their hair????? Do the estheticians remove just as much hair off of men as women? Any thoughts?

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  1. By the way, Channing Tatum had no chest hair that I could remember in the movie "Magic Mike." Oh he can dance!