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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gray Hair: Relax or Color First?

Typically, the rule for highlighting hair is relax first then two weeks later, receive the creative color service. However, for gray hair, a client may find haircoloring is needed once a month to maintain grey coverage. Clients that are receiving color services every three or four weeks, will typically receive two color services before each relaxer service. For example: Week 3 and Week 6 may be color services and Week 8 may be a mild relaxer service. So the rule of relaxing before coloring does not apply when the client is fighting white/gray/grey hair coverage.

So what hair rules do apply or do remain the same for this situation? Use only "MILD" relaxers such as Fiberguard Affirm Mild or Mizani Mild. Even if the client thinks that they need something stronger, do not go past a mild strength. Relaxer lines such as Design Essentials and Straight Request do not offer mild strength relaxers. So be cautious of clients who color their hair at home, if you suspect haircolor, then reach for a mild relaxer and make sure that the hair's integrity is strong enough.

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