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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

French Hair Brush: Paraliss Tempo

Over the years, everything that has to do with hair has always fascinated me. I purchased this Paraliss Tempo by Paramount brush attachment several years ago.
It attaches to the nozzle of the handheld blowdryer.
The directions are in French I believe, but the picture is worth a thousand words.
I used this tool on my textured hair mannequin. I tried using it with a paddle brush, but it was clashing with the attachment. Only round brushes seem to fit in between the bristles and dryer nozzle area like a puzzle piece.

I really believe that there are newer tools that can achieve a similar result. But in all fairness, this tool seems like it would work best on straight or wavy hair versus curly/kinky hair.
This brush is a newer tool on the market. I believe it gives similar results as the french brush attachment. I had to use high wind/high heat to use this particular brush to straighten my textured hair mannequin. It is a slower process on kinky hair to use this brush tool. I will need to experiment more with wavy hair.


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    1. Second tool that is all black is a Denman brand. I would search online.