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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Another Avlon MoisturColor hair color Complaint

In some of my past articles, I have complained about Avlon's MoisturColor hair color. Well, here is another one!

Pictured is a very old, unopened tube of L'Oreal Majirel permanent hair color that I bought at a discount probably three to five years before I purchased this unopened tube of Avlon's Moisturcolor. Notice the corrosion on the new, unopened Moisturcolor tube?

So the L'Oreal haircolor probably had three years shelf life sitting in the store when I did buy it???? So I am guessing that the L'Oreal hair color is at least eight years old. You may be wondering does hair color expire? I don't know. If it is a sealed and unopened tube, then you could prepare for use and have a plan B for backup purposes in case when you open the tube it smells sour, looks dark, or looks separated. By the way, developer does get old. Fresh developer is important!

But let's get back to the original point that I was making. The Avlon MoisturColor tube is probably three to four years old max. In other words, the MoisturColor tube is half the age of the L'Oreal tube, but the Avlon MoisturColor haircolor seems to corrode within a year of its shelf life. It seems to be the highlift colors that seem the most volatile within the MoisturColor line. That is another reason that I stopped using their color line. The other reason was that the color darkened if left on past the 45 minute processing time. They really probably owe me for a few foil color services that went darker than I wanted. Nonetheless, they had been trying to fix their haircolor packaging for years because the tubes were leaking before the distributor could even sell them. I really did give up on them after a year or more. I just felt that Avlon had let me down.

Anyway, the proof is in the picture. The Avlon MoisturColor packaging will not hold up. In the trash, it goes.

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