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Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

15 weeks Post relaxer update

It's been about 15 weeks since my last relaxer touchup in the front of my head. About 9 weeks post relaxer for the back. I have been enjoying the convenience of protective styling during the daytime and moisturizing each morning. As you can see, I still have good length and quite a bit of new growth. It looks like a mound of hair. Right? That's type 4c transitioning hair air dried.
I think that I want to reach six months post relaxer for the back before I relax again.

In this second picture, I am putting tension on my hair to showcase the root area. Hopefully, you can see the defined curl pattern. I am holding the same piece of hair in both picture.

Also, please excuse the craziness in the backdrop of the pictures. We are remodeling the salon, and some areas of the salon are still a work in progress.

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