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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Importance of finding the right hairstyle

Amazingly, I have received the attention of more male prospects in one week with this hairstyle than in one whole year. Even the compliments from female strangers as well as regular clientele have just been on going. Everyone is saying the hair is very becoming on you. "I love your hair." "You have great hair."

Life has been so much easier. People are more friendly. They treat you nicer.

I just sit back and laugh a little because my IQ and personality has not changed, but I seem more accepted by society with this look. It is just amazing to me. I have the same beautiful skin and beautiful smile. However, for $40 and some style tuning, I have a weatherproof, beautiful hairstyle. This is better than sliced bread! LOL!

It makes me realize that our Blacks with kinkier hair that are not conforming to a European well groomed look will always have a rough time being accepted into society.

So to rise about the lower income bracket, one has to fix the hair, teeth, and skin first. Maintaining a smaller frame weight-wise is important too, but it is secondary to the whole facial image.

Celebrity Star Jones is a perfect example. I felt that Star Jones was one of the most beautiful plus size women on television prior to her weight loss. I was happy that she was happy about the weight loss, but the truth be told, I felt that she lost a lot of her beauty with the weight loss. The loss of beauty could have been resulted from the weight loss method that was used. It could be that natural aging took over or even stress, but I feel the face of the heavier Star Jones was much more beautiful than the skinnier Star Jones.

In a nutshell, with the advances of wigs and the unpredictable weather, paying a wig expert to assist with wig selection at your price point may be an invaluable investment. When you land a better job with your new look, just keep making improvements.

On a separate note, for those who prefer to "wear their own hair" - listen: If your hair is extremely kinky and overcurly by nature, you will not be able to achieve and maintain this level of straightness, body, and thickness all day long, every day. That is why stage plays are showcasing more wigs on their actors.

Also, I was watching the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" on yesterday. It was the first time that I noticed that Meryl Streep was actually wearing a "white haired" lace front wig cut into a bob style. I was floored.

Always, Always take care of your own real hair, but for glamour and image consistency - consider "wigging out!"

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