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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cheap Hair Review

Looks familiar? Did you get sucked in to? For $10 to $15, you get three bundles of 8" hair. Pretty picture right? Well, the hair only lasts for a week or two. It is so thin and filmsy that it will not hold volume once it is applied to the head for quickweave. I have quite a few packages left from a few years ago.

The good thing is that the hair is only 8 inches long so it does not fall past the shoulders if that. I would imagine that if it was any longer that it would tangle into a "hot mess."

It is not advisable to cut this hair into any other style. Just apply and wear the curly style as long as you can.

On a separate note, I recently discovered that this hair is perfect for creating a "closure" circle. The weft is thin enough and filmsy enough to manipulate into a circle and use heat put a hard bend in it. Excuse my hand in the picture. My hand butter did not kick in. Smile. Hopefully, you can see how thin the weft is.

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