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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sun Protection: Black wins over White

This was an accidental discovery, but quite profound. Please allow me to describe the scenario leading to the determination that the color black protects better than the color white.

Examine the picture of the pink paper in the picture. The original color of the paper was the deeper pink color. In the left bottom corner of the picture is a set of Pureology Hydrate haircare samples which preserved the original color of the paper within a rectangular block. Then in the right upper corner of the paper, you should be able to see the Applebaum logo slightly burnt into the paper. The "white skyline" is faded within the "apple" outline. This paper was inside the Applebaum Salon bag which had full sun exposure near a window for at least 3 months or more.

As you switch back and forth from the Applebaum logo picture and the pink paper picture, can you see that the "black" part of the "Applebaum logo" preserved the original pink color of the paper? And the "white" skyline of the "Applebaum logo" faded.

After this amazing discovery, I researched sun protection as it related to clothing. I found one article that mentioned some countries wear dark loose clothing which absorbs heat and protects the skin; however, they keep the dark clothing at a distance from the skin in order to keep cool because the dark clothing gets hot. So dark clothes get hot because it absorbs heat, but apparently the heat that it absorbs is protecting you from dangerous sun rays even if you are burning up temperature-wise. Wow!

Now, how does this discovery relate to hair color? Dark hair may protect the scalp better than light color hair? I don't know. This is just a theory.

The proof is definite. The color Black protects better than the color white in regards to the sun rays. This plastic and paper example is proof. It is up to you to decide how to use this information.

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