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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Relaxer Review: Affirm Normal with Argan Oil

It had been five weeks since I had another stylist to perform my relaxer touch-up. The afro forming in the back of my head was screaming for help! So I skipped the entire front of my head and only relaxed the back. In the picture included here, I wanted to show my length in the front.

I self-relaxed the back of my head from ear to ear below the occipital bone. Apparently, even the other hairstylist was not able to get it any straighter than what I was able to do on my own. Therefore, I took the opportunity to try out the new Affirm relaxer on the back part of my hair. I know - I have so many brands of relaxers that I have been experimenting with. I keep trimming the back away in search of stabilizing it. I am thinking that all of that Chi Super relaxer (mistake) is cut away by now.

Anyway, the new Affirm relaxer is much, much more tolerable than its old formula. The Argan oil, Pequi Oil, and the Cupuacu butter were added to the Normal strength relaxer. As far as straightness goes, nothing has beat my "True Indulgence" relaxer.

With type 4c hair, I am finding that if the hair is too underprocessed then it leads to dryness and frizz making it more prone to break. If type 4c hair is processed to a point that it holds straight, then it is much easier to gain length. The front of my head is less maintenance because it is straighter. Don't get me wrong, I still like body too! So finding that balance is important.

I will probably stick with a mild True Indulgence for the front half of my head, and Regular strength True Indulgence for the back half in the future.

It is good to still have the Affirm normal strength relaxer as a salon service option. I have a much better idea of its straightening power now that I have used it on myself. Type 3 and 4a curl patterns should find this relaxer to be sufficient.

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