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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Michigan Hair Stylist: Rob Willis International

I first met Rob Willis about five years ago at a hair show in Orlando, FL. I bought his "Refresh your color skills" dvd and a flat iron holder for the belt. As my followers know, I no longer endorse the flat irons. I have seen too much damaged hair everywhere I go.

But enough about flat irons! The DVD was an excellent buy! Rob Willis is indeed a visionary. He is a "thinking" hair stylist. He is definitely an educator and a colorist.

The funny thing about DVD's is that sometimes you buy them, and you are not ready to receive all the valuable information disclosed in it. However, years or more later, reviewing old DVD's again can be a breath of "fresh air" without travelling great distances to a class.

So four years later, I am reviewing Rob Willis' color Refresh DVD when he gave the coffee pot example about hair being transparent. I had always heard this but never truly grasped the visual.

So Rob describes in this dvd a clear coffee pot full of coffee. So you would see "brown" coffee but if you decide to pour out the brown coffee and put pink kool-aid in the coffeepot. You will probably then see pink kool-aid. Now if you want to change the color of the clear coffeepot again, then you would need to remove the koolaid in order to put another "flavor" or color into the coffee pot.

So everytime you need to change the color, then bleach/lightener or artificial pigment remover is needed in order to "empty" the pot in preparation to fill the pot with another color. This analogy to hair was right on time for me!

In addition to the coffeepot example, Rob Willis kept it real about the state of our beauty industry. He really stayed leading edge!

The other important topic on his DVD was about the "color bath." The color bath was essentially sealing the hair with semi-permanent color or "cellophane" color. I have actual done more color baths layered on top of conditioners lately, and I obtained wonderful results. This was one of my reasons for reviewing this DVD again.

The "color bath" idea had been embedded in my memory from the first time that I reviewed the dvd years ago. It did not seem healthy then because I was thinking that the color baths sealed out moisture. Our hair needs moisture. However, if you layer the color on top of a moisturizing condiitoner such as KeraCare Humecto, then the result are phenomenal with moisture sealed in.

The "color baths" can take your finished look to the next six figure income level.

Give me some time . . . I will be asking my clients for pictures again over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, the pictures of the flat iron holder distributed by Rob Willis International a few years ago.  It is designed to be worn on your belt.

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