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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hair Combs: Missing Teeth?

Only one of these hair combs is missing teeth. Can you tell which one? The rattail comb on the bottom is missing a tooth or two in the center. The primary cause of a comb to lose teeth is when it is repeatedly being soaked too long in the disinfectant solution.

Now, the high-end carbon comb with the "parting" tooth is intentionally built this way. The parting tooth can be used like the rattail comb to part the hair.

I was inspired to write this article because I remember a client complaining that another hairstylist that she had gone to did not have all the teeth in her comb. Smile. In all honesty, I think that the client saw the "fancy comb" with the parting tooth and assumed that it was missing teeth.

Anyway, hairstylists, if a comb is truly missing teeth and you know that it is snagging the hair, then please trash the comb. Hairstylists with corporate clients should be aware of the quality of their styling tools. Carbon combs are typically ionic and durable. They assist in a better thermal finish.

Discount hairstylists should be aware of their styling tools as well, but the carbon comb with the parting tooth costs at least four times the cost of the cheap rattail comb pictured. If a hairstylist is charging discounted pricing, then they can not afford to spend extra money on combs that may walk off with another hairstylist in the salon.

If a hairstylist is charging top dollar for their services in their area, then they need to spend more on their tools.

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