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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DVD Review: Paul Mitchell Texture

I have so much to say that I do not know where to begin. Okay. First of all, the Black female demonstration model has closer to Type 3 curl pattern by my visual definition. Now remember all the articles that I have written in the past couple of months? Type 3 curl pattern can withstand more abuse than Type 4 curl pattern. So with that said, let me tell you, this Black model received the Paul Mitchell Regular relaxer along with the PM Shines demi-permanent color service followed by a round-brush blow-dry service followed by a Paul Mitchell flat iron service all in one salon visit. Hello! Relaxer plus "color with peroxide" plus aggressive blowdry plus flat iron . . . . now, you know . . . the model's hair looks great on this advertisement, but the styling team was going for style more than healthy hair.

If this model had type 4 curl pattern, her hair would not have had that much body. Also, the hair would be shedding and breaking from intensity of the chemicals and heat. Please see my other article on demi-permanent color rules for type 4 curl patterns.

Other DVD details include: PM Shines is a demi-permanent color that has to be mixed. Also, the round brush that was used was aluminum one similar to the one pictured in this article. They used Paul Mitchell Extra Strong leave-in treatment and "Super Sculpt" styling lotion aid in the round brush blow-dry. The handheld dryer and flat iron were both Paul Mitchell ProTools.

I have watched this DVD many times over the years, and it is only recently with my new vision that I really see how Black hairstylists are being mislead.

Paul Mitchell is a well respected name for professional haircare. It is scary to realize that the steps to create beautiful Black hair for one Black woman may be detrimental to the next Black woman. Good Hairstylists just want to do well. How do you filter through the good and the bad? Smile. Follow my blog. Smile.

My opinion of this DVD on Paul Mitchell Texture: Get this DVD just to check it out for yourself - I do not agree with everything in this DVD - but there is always some good information along with the bad in the "bigger picture." Happy New Year!

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