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Saturday, January 21, 2012

DVD Review: 5 Star Chick by Hair Religion

Okay, I know that your first thoughts are "What the hell?", Who is going to wear that style to work?, What possessed you to buy that urban mohawk DVD?

Well, the reason that I purchased this DVD was because I was amazed at how the hair had so much lift in the top to be a 27 piece, full head quickweave. Although, I do not have any clients that would sport this urban look. The lift and volume of it can be incorporated into other more conservative hairstyles.

I was very pleased with this DVD. The artist on the actual dvd was "Thikk Nikk" although another artist name was on the DVD cover pictured.

Thikk Nikk showed a much faster way to apply the 27 piece quickweave. She put the "quick" into "quickweave." One key was to pre-apply glue to long weft lengths and learn how to hold and cut the hair without having to apply anymore glue until you pick up your next bundle of wefted hair. This method saves a lot of time versus cut, glue, apply, cut, glue, apply. So just glue, cut, apply, cut, apply, cut, apply. So you eliminate picking up the glue so much. This may not be a big deal to some people, but time is money. This DVD helps save you some time.

The volume created in the top was done with thin wefts or split wefts and no gaps!

Anyway, this DVD was well worth my money!

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