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Phenomenal . . .
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Color Bath: Benita Blocker's version

Hair by Benita Blocker. As promised, pictured is my previously highlighted client with my version of the "new" color bath. I used Nairobi semi-permanent cocktail of Sierra Brown and Mahogany layered on top of my favorite moisturizing conditioner at this time. Heat processing was about 30 minutes.

The color rinsed out very easily and seemed to close the hair cuticle in order to give it a smoother finish. I used an all boar bristle round brush to distribute the hair's natural shine after rough drying it 70% dry.

The client had a lot of volume and movement in the hair. It was "blow in the wind" movement without being "blowing away in the wind." It was a healthy, weightless finish in which my client was very pleased with.

I also performed my version of the "natural black" color bath on a second client on the same work day. The final finish was phenomenal.

The clients are loving the new 2012 options, and I am too!

NOTE: I will try to add more pictures to this article as I can. All clients are receiving the traditional stove and marcel services. No flat irons.

February 4, 2012: Hair by Benita Blocker. I completed another color bath using the Nairobi Marigold semi-permanent color and the traditional stove and marcel. Marigold is "yellow-gold."

Also, the color baths should not be used to make damaged hair look healthier. The color baths are designed to enhance already healthy hair. So doing a color bath on dry, brittle hair can lock out moisture. The hair needs to be moisturized and healthy before sealing it with the direct dye from the color bath.

February 22, 2012:
Nairobi "pure black" semi-permanent color was used on my client with the black hair. It is a nice, natural, shiny black. Not jet black. Client had a wine colored permanent haircolor applied at home prior to getting the pure black color bath. I still do not recommend relaxer and permanent color with coarse, overcurly hair.

We will continue with moisturizing conditioners in order to keep the hair soft. My main goal is to showcase the true color of the "pure black" color.


  1. The color bath came out lovely. I love how vibrant it is. Her hair does seem to have a lot of body.

  2. Yes! Thank you. And believe it or not, I used the "old school" Stove and marcel iron to achieve the final styling. No flat irons. Clients can use titanium curling irons with adjustable temperature control for home use.