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Phenomenal . . .
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Friday, December 16, 2011

Quote: "Their hair is not that nappy"

I recently had a "mom" (parent) to call the salon for a price check on pressing children's hair. I shared my uniform thermal pricing, and the response was silence followed by "their hair is not that nappy . . ." I was a little speechless myself, but it was definitely the "quote" of the week for me. LOL!

In hindsight, despite the fact that the statement could be taken offensively by some of us with extremely overcurly hair ; it is almost a week later, and I am still chuckling over this statement.

Well, the Avlon picture in this article is supposed to represent Black women . . . My response to this picture is "their hair is not that nappy." Not one of those ladies pictured have really kinky, "Black" hair.

Avlon is the makers of KeraCare and Affirm product lines. It makes me wonder who their test models are. The "kinkier" sistas would feel more comfortable seeing ladies that have hair similar to their own. Historically, when it comes to purchasing hair products, ladies want to see women who look like them, but they need to have hair like them as well. Otherwise, "no sale."

So Avlon, please work on featuring more sistas with kinkier hair . . . Please?

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