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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012: Change your Vision not your Hair!

The next time that you look through a "hairstyle" book, take the time to look closely at the models' hair textures at their roots.

What I have found that if you look past the style, the makeup, and the pose, but really look at the root of the hair to guess at curl patterns. I started seeing a trend. Almost all of the free flowing, sleek hairstyles looked like the model had a relaxed, type 3 curl pattern.

On the other hand, almost all of the "defined" shorter hairstyles looked like they had a relaxed, type 4 curl pattern. So what does that mean? Questions about curl pattern types? Please see my separate article about Andre Walker's book on hair.

Within this article, I added three pictures of what I think looks like Type 3 curl patterns and three pictures of what I think looks like Type 4 curl patterns. Can you see a difference? Most Type 4 curl patterns can not get color highlights, relaxer touch-ups and maintain length. Most Type 4 curl patterns still have a light "ripple" of texture through the relaxed strand of hair no matter what relaxer is used. Those with Type 3 curl patterns usually can get a very sleek, finished hairstyle with very little effort. So go ahead and compare pictures in this article. I will give you a hint. The ladies in the "BBD Stretch" flyer/flier would more than likely fall into a Type 3 curl pattern.

Okay. So we are born with the curl pattern that God gave us. We can elongate our curl pattern, but we can not change the starting pattern. Curl reduction (i.e. elongation) can alter it for styling control, but our foundation is "what it is."

So if you are a type 4 curl pattern, but you want a type 3 curl pattern "finish." You may not get the sleekness, but you can get the haircut and the final styling with some good movement to it.

I am on a quest to feature type 4 curl patterns within one hair (styling) book. I think that the type 3 curl patterns are featured everywhere and are often used in hair show demonstration because of the brilliant, "sealed" cuticle finish.

I just wrote an article mentioning "not that nappy" hair. In that article, I mention how the makers of KeraCare products does not reflect the "sistas" with "kink" in their hair in their more recent print ads.

It makes you wonder if these "black" marketed companies really have the best interest of the "kinky" hair in mind. Luckily, with the huge "naturally curly" movement, all the product companies are being forced with really seeing the levels of curly and kinky-curly hair that is really out there.

So hairstylists that are interested in showcasing their work on type 4 curl patterns -relaxed or natural then let me know! Please also be willing to assist with the cost of the distinguished publication.

On a separate note, I am also on a quest to feature other hairstylists internationally on this blog that are doing exceptional work! I am NOT looking for any submissions. I refuse to have hairstylists to pay to be featured on this blog. I only want to feature hairstylists that I have had to stop their client and ask "who does your hair?" I will find YOU through your work!

After months of waiting to find an exceptional head of hair outside of my own clientele (smile), I met a lady today. I gave her the invitation to give to her hairstylist. She was from Hampton, Virginia area. Historically, almost every person that I have ever met with undoubtedly exceptional hair have never been from the NC area. California, Virginia, Washington DC, New York, but not from the South. Hopefully, the hairstylist will call, and I can interview her. My fingers are crossed. The lady with exceptional hair actually was a perfect "silver fox." If I had to guess the curl pattern . . . probably a type 3 curl pattern, but it was just simply beautiful.

Okay, ladies, for 2012: embrace your texture, accept your curl pattern, and visualize growing your hair based what works for your hair type; not anyone else. Sisters can have the same mother but different hair types. Learn you. Do you. Have a Happy New year!!!!!!

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