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Friday, November 18, 2011

So your hair will not hold curls?

The True Indulgence Relaxer delivered fabulous results again . . . on another client who decided to return back to the relaxer! She and I were very pleased with the beauty of the finish. So the True Indulgence relaxer is still my favorite relaxer so far, but as you know from my last post, I feel that my hair won't hold curls as well now. I had been fighting for a while to get my hair to hold straight without burning up my scalp. Well, my wish has come true! But now, I want my curls to hold better. As you can see from my picture, I figured out how to make them hold! Yeah!!

So the secret to making your curls hold in case you potentially get overrelaxed is: Use a generous amount of Lightweight Curly Leave-in Conditioner to roll/wet set your hair with. (I fully saturated my hair with Mixed Chicks Leave-in conditioner after my shampoo, then rolled my hair.) The results are soft, hydrated, defined curls!

Your brain is churning right? Remember when using curl defining creams and leave-in conditioners, straighter ends will show up as you were trying to enhance your new natural curl pattern? Most people trying to grow their relaxer out to transition into natural would snip those straight ends away. So why not embrace the fact that the curl defining cream or leave in conditioner could be used as a setting cream for those straighter pieces? Now, apply that same principle to a whole head of straight hair that will no longer hold a curl. The curl defining cream absorbs into that straight, wet hair. The hair will feel heavier than foam or lightweight setting lotion, but you wrap the wet, generously saturated hair around the rollers the same as usual. The hair dries in the same amount of time or quicker because it is a leave-in conditioner versus a setting agent.

So how do you select the right leave-in condiitoner or curl defining cream? Because I learned a lot this summer experimenting with my natural hair, I know which creams dry stiff and which creams dry soft. You want the curl creams and leave-in conditioners that absorb easily into the hair, but they dry soft. The Mixed Chicks Leave-in conditioner was my obvious choice because it has a lot of glycerin in it. Kinky-Curly's Knot Today Leave-in is organic and leaves the hair soft as well.

The "cheap" curl creams may not work as well nor be as healthy. Then again, they may do just fine. You choose the cream or leave-in that works for you. This article is to give you the concept of how to make your potentially overrelaxed hair hold curl using a wet set. Enjoy experimenting!

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