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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mr. John's Hair Clinic of Detroit, Michigan

A client originally from Detroit, Michigan told me about this business. She says that they have an assembly line. During the hair pressing service, three pressing combs are being rotated in and out with a wet sponge to test the pressing combs prior to silkening the hair. My client says they are listening for a certain sound to determine if the pressing comb has cooled down enough.

According my own separate Internet research, the "salon" does not offer any relaxers nor haircolor. They also make some of their own products that they use in the salon.

They focus on straightening natural hair with old school pressing methods.

I did not find an official website for this business, and the main phone number listed is no longer in service.

The "salon" had high recommendations from the hair forums on the web from 2008. They were charging between $45 and $65 per person. The economy changes may have shut them down. The hair industry in North Carolina was already dipping for years.

Anyone considering hair styling as a new career should re-think their decision unless they are willing to operate on pure passion.

But back to Mr. John's Hair Clinic . . . closed or not; it seems to be noteworthy enough for an article on my blog.

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  1. I went to them off and on for years (even when Dr. John, Mr. John's dad owned it) they did close due to the economy and area they were located in changing.I did soon after receive a letter saying they were reopening elsewhere but I have since lost the letter (it's been about a year)and cannot seem to find them. I do not know their current status. Even when I decided I didn't want heat in my hair, I still went and took my girls for a trim because they are minimal and don't hack the hair off. Miss them!