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Monday, November 21, 2011

Flat iron damage: Plate Burn Pattern

Occasionally, people are selling used flat irons on line such as this one pictured. Do you see a solid black area running down the center of the flat iron plate? Well, this is a sign that you are frying your hair by not using enough heat protection serums/sprays prior to using this flat iron. Although, this is not the worst picture I have seen, but this was the only picture I found during the time of me composing this article.

I may add a few more pictures as I run into them on the Internet to give you a better idea of "frying hair." I recently sold four professional flat irons online. All were used and not one had a "burn pattern." They all looked brand new. I had to remove heat protector "clingy" residue from the side ridges of my flat irons, but the plates stayed a uniform, consistent color unlike the picture I obtained from the Internet in this article. The fact that my "used" flat irons had no burn patterns were a sigh of relief. It let me know that while I still feel that ionic flat irons "microwave" hair, I was using adequate heat protection serums to prolong as much short-term damage as possible.

Remember once the hair is extremely damaged; it will eventually break off. Please see my article on the flat iron free pledge and consider going back to the curling irons.

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