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Phenomenal . . .
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Three Weeks Followup: Roller Set Review

Note: Black outfit is the next morning after roller set. Teal outfit is immediately after taking rollers out.

Yes, it is three weeks later from my last True Indulgence relaxer, and I decided to try roller setting my hair. I felt that I had been using the hot curling iron too often trying to tighten up my curls and to smooth out some of the under relaxed areas. The interesting thing about roller setting my own hair was that I was not able to get the roots pulled straight, however, the texture in the roots seem to give overall volume to the hair. I have found that although initial blowdry and hot curling my hair, it is straight; I actually like my hair better when more texture comes into the roots on the second to third day. Weird right? So with the roller set, I start with second to third day hair. Not a bad deal! Also, the next morning after sleeping on it, a few areas of my head were "pressed out" just from my head sleeping on it. I just fingered style the next morning with a little hairspray and hairdressing. My longer pieces of hair allow me the option of tucking behind my ear or bringing it forward for an edgy look. I loved the volume that I acheived in my hair without any extra heat. I still have some frizzy areas but overall, the shine on the hair is uniform. I like the roller set! It does not look perfect as I was setting it, but the end result was "perfectly fine" for me!

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