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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hair Weaving Thread for Commercial hair integration

What is commercial hair integration? Adding extensions, weave, clip-ins, etc to blend into your own natural hair. Most commercial integration is done using some form of adhesive (hair tape, hair glue, etc.) or thread as pictured.

Thread should match the base color of the hair. Darker thread is better than lighter thread unless you have blonde roots. The more expensive thread is more of a nylon blend. The less expensive thread is more of a cotton blend like the blonde/yellow thread pictured. Nylon is more durable. Hopefully, you are only maintaining a sew-in for a month or two at a time so it will not be a huge deal on the quality of thread.

However, if your stylist is using an interlocking method for commercial integration, then the nylon thread (colors: black and brown pictured) are more durable and will not draw moisture from your hair.

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