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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Commercial Hair Review: 27 pieces Quick weave

So what is a 27 piece? It is a quick weave hairstyle. The hair is pre-packaged into three bundles plus a closure. Two of the bundles have 9 thin wefts rolled up. The longer length bundle only has 8 thin wefts rolled up. 9 times 2 equals 18 pieces. Then add the 8 piece bundle plus the closure to get 27 pieces.

You do not have to use all 27 pieces. The hair is already curled. There are quite a few youtube videos on how to complete a 27 pieces hairstyle. You can get the Halle Berry look with this 27 pieces. If you want more length, then buy an extra package of longer hair 8" or 10" and use in the bang and top area for a edgy, sophisicated look. You can mix curly hair through the top and the 27 pieces around the perimeter.

This style is on my bucket list. Smile. I always wanted to get a Halle Berry look that is customized to my head! Please see my articles on gluefree quickweave application before you begin to experiment with the 27 pieces.

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