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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Making Texturized Type 4c hair Wash n' Go!

Hair by Benita Blocker. This is a picture of Type 4c curl pattern that is "texlaxed" or texturized. The "Wash n Go" terminology is typical for Type 3 hair, but it usually means an "afro" for Type 4 hair. On the other hand, texturizing type 4 hair using a mild relaxer or a permanent haircolor reduces the curl pattern and softens the hair. This softening can cause the hair strands to go limp if the curl product is too oily or too heavy. So after a little trial and error, I discovered a "wash n go" regimen that seems to be light, curl defining, and prevents shrinkage (i.e. holds the style). Also, it is simple enough to repeat every morning! Yay!!!!
The regimen: 1) Start off with KeraCare Cleansing Cream. Shampoo with this between 1 and 3 times depending on how "soiled" your hair is. 2) Towel blot; skip deep conditioning because it will make the hair strands too soft. 3)Add Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner. Use moderately. Too much may cause crystallization with the next product. However, you need this leave-in conditioner for volume purposes. 4) Work the KeraCare Defining Custard through the hair. This product consistency is like "egg whites" but not sticky. 5) Style and diffuse or style and air dry.

Voila! Three products and about 15 minutes max!

NOTE: The hair should be cut or shaped to support a wash n go style. Also, texturize the new growth as needed. If you are wetting the hair everyday, you will not need to texturize as often. Also, I tried the KeraCare Natural Textures Leave-in Conditioner. It worked fine, but it has propylene glycol in it. The Mixed Chicks Leave-in conditioner is healthier for the hair because of the glycerin in it. Please see my other articles on propylene glycol and other potential cancer causing ingredients.

Going natural is a great summer experiment!!!! Enjoy!

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