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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shingling: A Natural Hair Styling Technique

Shingling seems to work best on Type 3c to Type 4a curl patterns. Typically, this curl pattern is coarse, frizzy, and a finger size in curl diameter. The combination of the KeraCare Cleansing Cream as a curl wash and Design Essentials Defining Creme Gel as a shingling cream has been a perfect combination. A rinse out conditioner is optional. Please see separate article on KeraCare cleansing cream.
Shingling involves combing the Design Essentials Defining Creme Gel through the hair one section at a time. The defining creme gel is a thick creme but oily enough to work and distribute product down the hair shaft. Just apply at root and comb down repeatedly until you get the product through each section from root to end without adding too much product. A wide tooth, seamless comb is more ideal than the comb used in this picture. This picture was taken from the Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding literature. Sometimes the Curly Pudding is too light to control the coarser hair. The Design Essentials Defining Cream Gel gives more control and shine on some curl patterns.
This is an overview of Shingling 101 as presented by Miss Jessie's product line featuring their "Curly Pudding" styling aid. Please see my separate article on "seamless combs." Hair must dry under platform dryer or air dry without touching. Hair can be left loose or section the hair by cornrows and double strand twist set/flat twists, then let hair dry in the cornrows. Dryer time: An hour to an hour and a half. When completely dried, pull the cornrows apart and style. Typically, I do not need perm rods on the ends because the curl pattern seems to coil on its own without unravelling.

Pictured is when drying loose. If you use the cornrow method, then you can leave out some of the beginning of the twist/cornrows along the hairline in order to give style and keep hair off of the face. You can achieve a bob style as well.

Please note: IF you are using permanent haircolor or lightening your hair, then the color will texturize your hair by making it softer. These products and techniques may not work well on color-treated hair because the color treated hair is no longer "natural." Sorry.

Maintenance: Do not use water. It will break the seal on the hair. "Hair Milk" or some "oily" cream is good to keep the hair from shrinking back up!


  1. I finally got to shingle the Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding through Type 4b curl pattern and then performed individual two strand twists section by section. It worked beautifully. Not crunchy. Not sticky. Not greasy. Just firm and moisturized. No leave-in conditioner was used either. KeraCare Cleansing Creme followed by a quick Aubrey HoneySuckle Rose rinse out conditioner. Then start shingling and twisting with Miss Jessie's curly pudding.

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