Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Wig Wearing: Watch for Room Lighting!

Most people who wear wigs wear a synthetic fiber. Why? Because it holds the style/curl in the worst weather! Your clothes may be "soaking wet" but your hair will still be styled. LOL! I could not resist! Anyway, on a more serious note, synthetic hair wigs sometimes have a little extra shine to them. So in the wrong indoor lighting, it can "scream" "WIG!!!!!" So check out these pictures . . . Notice the huge globe and the amount of light that is bouncing off the table? Minor right? This is good lighting. You do not have to be on "wig PATROL!"
Now, look at the track lighting. Do you see the heavy lighting reflecting off the table? Your wig will be in "spotlight!" This is NOT a good table to dine in . . . without everyone focussing on how the lighting is showcasing your wig. This is a little humourous topic, but it is "real" for those new to the "wig world."

Let us keep everyone focussed on your upbeat conversation and your positive attitude!

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