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Phenomenal . . .
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Review: Turbo Power Twinturbo Blowdryers

Turbo Power company has been manufacturing quality blowdryers for decades; however, this is Turbo Power's only ceramic and ionic blowdryer model. It is a 3200 series, and so far, I love it! The 3200 model is available without the ceramic ionic technology. All of the 3200 series are designed to be compact, lightweight, but ultra powerful!
These blowdryers are made in Italy. The 3200 is built to be more compact and lightweight than the 2600. According to specs: The 3200 model is 490 grams in weight versus 590 grams for the 2600 model. The 3200 model also has 79 cubic meters air/hour flow versus 70 cubic meters air/hour for the 2600 model. I love the sound of the Italian engines in these dryers!

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