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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hair Tools Alert: Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Do you see the words "Low EMF" on the concentrator nozzle? EMF means Electromagnetic Field. Why is Electromagnetic field important? It has to do with the potential to cause CANCER! Cell phones. Refrigerators. Hair dryers. Computer monitors. Low EMF is GOOD!!!! Unfortunately, a lot of our modern technologies have much higher EMF readings. This is a picture of a hair dryer that was left from another stylist that got my curiosity up. Notice "LOW EMF" on the nose of the tool right under the word Turbo? As technology advances, it will may be increasing our chances of developing cancer. Some websites suggest that blowdryers should NOT be used on little children because their brains are still developing. They also suggest that refrigerators face outside walls so that the EMF will not be adjacent to someone's bed in an adjoining room. They recommend hands free devices for talking on your mobile phone. This topic is very scary to talk about. I have no idea what type of EMF that flat irons carry or if they carry them. What about the Ipad? the Gameboy? PSPs? I have a few more phone calls to make to some manufacturers. I will add additional comments to this article as needed.

I encourage you to do your own research on this topic. The dangers of Electromagnetic fields are another "Inconvenient Truth."

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