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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hair tips for Swimmers!

This article was at a special request. It made a lot of sense to me because the hot weather usually equals pool and beach parties!!!

First of all, Pre-treat the hair! Please see my separate article on "pre-shampoo" treatments as well as my article on "organic coconut oil." These products should strengthen hair and not wash away in the water.

After the swim, if your hair does NOT tangle, then clarify the hair by using Pureology Purify shampoo.
You can read the Pureology Purify shampoo benefits here.
If your hair does tangle easily or become unmanageable, then do not use the clarifying shampoo. Instead use Uans crema conditioner as a shampoo. Pictured is the new packaging.
Pictured here is the old Uans Crema moisturizing condiitoner.
Pictured is the benefits of this conditioner. It is still important to pre-treat the hair before getting into the water, and then choosing the right after care regimen based on your hair's manageability.

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