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Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Deal or No Deal? Discounted Hair Products

Believe it or not, these two globs of product are both Fiberguard Affirm Sustenance conditioner. One was squeezed out of a bottle due to expire July 2011. (within a month) The other was from a bottle due to expire June 2013. (two years from now)

Can you believe the difference in color based on age of the product? Even the consistency of the older product was a little thinner but not runny. Can you imagine if you were not familiar with the product?

I had a client who had this conditioner in her collection and brought it to me to use it up on her hair. Being familiar with the product, I immediately noticed that the product looked discolored. I immediately pulled my bottle from my supply closet and Voila ~ I was right. The client's bottle although not expired by date; it was expired for getting optimum use of it.

So the lesson is -- if you buy discounted hair products and it does not work good on your hair, then consider the fact the product may be too old to really do you any good. So deal? or no deal? It is a deal if you are already familiar with the product!

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