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Monday, May 23, 2011

Review: Phytospecific Relaxer (Phytorelaxer)

This relaxer does not have sodium hydroxide or lye in it, but remember it is still a relaxer. Most find that they can go a few weeks longer before the next touch-up service. The hair strand seems to have a different texture to it. The strand seems more fiber-like to the touch as far as texture. This relaxer typically costs around $60 for the box which means you pay a hairstylist another $60 or more for application and styling. There is index 1 and index 2 as far as relaxer strengths. Some people have marketed this relaxer as organic and natural. It is still a chemical. It still should be used with caution. It still causes a permanent change to the hair structure.
The Inductor ingredients show guanidine carbonate as an activator for the straightening creme. So this is a no-lye relaxer that has to be mixed. I have no issues with this relaxer. Everyone has to find a good fit for their own individual hair type. Index 1 is best for Type 2 or type 3 curl patterns. Index 2 for Type 4 or borderline Type 3c curl patterns. On a separate note, I do question the tensile strength of the hair after using this relaxer. It may be more vulnerable to abuse. Roller sets or wet wrap services are recommended.

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