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Monday, May 23, 2011

Review: Paul Mitchell Relaxer Super Strength

This hair was already texturized about 7 weeks prior with Paul Mitchell Super relaxer. (super strength) It has started to revert and draw back curly.
Performing a Paul Mitchell Super relaxer. Toward the end of the application, the relaxer was combed through the entire strands to try to obtain a more consistent wave pattern. Sixteen minutes (16 minutes) timing before rinsing. Taking photo was within the 17 minutes timeframe of rinsing the relaxer out.
Noticed that the super strength Paul Mitchell relaxer still left some wavy texture to the hair? This hair was originally a coarse, Type 4c curl pattern. It had been texturized before using a super strength application, it still has some curl to it.

I have mentioned in other articles in this blog about how "less aggressive" the Paul Mitchell relaxers are . . . a picture is worth a thousand words. The hair can be worn curly or straight.
This style was achieved after the Paul Mitchell Super Strength relaxer, blow dry and stove/marcel heat styling. It was too wavy to roller set. Those with Type 4c, coarse hair who desire straighter hair should look at a different brand of relaxer. This relaxer may not hold for you. Those with type 4c curl pattern, but fine hair - Paul Mitchell regular should be a good selection to start off with because of the "fineness" factor.

Many people are afraid of super strength relaxers. Rightfully so. Paul Mitchell can be your exception. Also, note: Color-treated hair is a different topic. Model pictured does NOT have haircolor nor highlighting in the hair.

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