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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Review: Nioxin hair products for thinning hair

The Nioxin line has been around for several years. It has been reformulated in recent years. According to the class that I took about four years ago, this product line is focussed on a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp assists in optimum hair growth.

Over the years, I have received repeated feedback that if you discontinue using this product line, the hair condition will return to its original thinness or worst.

Many hairstylists have become wary of this line as well as other "thinning hair" brands; however, I believe that many dermatologists are still recommending it.

I believe there are a few products such as a "follicle booster" in the Nioxin line that will enhance your hair growth without becoming a slave to the whole line.

Their shampoo is called a "cleanser." Their conditioner is called "scalp therapy."

If you are experiencing shedding or thinning, please consider the ceramic/ionic flat irons as a source of your dilemna. I have written separate articles on the dangers of flat irons.

If you are not flat ironing, then please consider sensitive scalp/no lye relaxers as a possible source. Those relaxers typically are calcium hydroxide based and can become unstable shortly after being mixed. Over the years of continued use, sensitive scalp relaxers can begin to thin the hair.

Also, if your hair is breaking at the ends verus thinning, then I re-emphasize that the Nioxin line is more like a medication for the scalp versus healing existing hair strands.

There are a lot of product lines out there. Please make an informed decision when buying a "medicated" product line or hair product.


  1. Is there any products that you like for hair that is thinning?

    1. Nioxin has continuous been re-packaging. Since it's still around, I would say Nioxin is as good as any other specialty product. I personally have found sulfate-free products to reduce thinning. A referred dermatologist may be able to provide a better answer. All dermatologist are not created equal. Referrals are best.