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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Image: Keeping it Real!

This picture was submitted to a photo contest and did not make the final cut.
This picture was also submitted to the same photo contest and it DID make the final cut. The judges' decision completely blew my mind. Why did they pick the "less glam" look?

I figured the "non-glamourous end of the day, bad lighting" photo would be the last picture that would be selected to make the final cut. However, I was soooooo wrong. Anyway, in an attempt to do damage control, I figured that I would critique my own photo.

1) Yes, I have two different textures going on with my hair in both pictures. Why? Synthetic hair is heavier than human hair. Because I have not made the decision to fully relax my hair; I embrace the texturized look. I have the option of pressing out my hairline, but the texture in my hair actually holds the hairpieces more secure. Also, the texture in my hair is stronger and can support the extra weight of the synthetic hairpiece.

2) Yes, I have a hairpiece on. It is a quick and neat hairdo while I decide if I want to go completely straight or figure out a low maintenance hair regimen for a textured look. Also, with changing weather conditions, hair pieces are great for rainy days, high humidity, and cold days.

3) Yes, my eyebrows are not shaped. I had a threader to decide to remove half of my eyebrows against my desires. I was sooooo mad. Then every time, that I would go back to someone else they would try to follow the shape that the prior threader left and would continue to take off the brow hair in the areas that I wanted to grow back in. So I promised myself to grow as much of my brows back before I get anyone to reshape them again.

4)Yes, I have very little makeup on. It was the end of a work day. I definitely know why celebrities wear baseball caps and big sunglasses. Society expects them to look glamourous all the time. That is not real nor realistic for anyone except "Halle Berry." On her bad days, she looks great! My philosophy is when I need to impress . . . I know how to impress. Most of the day to day people that I encounter, I prefer for them to be impressed with my inner spirit and my intelligence.

Undoubtedly, keeping up with the "Joneses" can get you into a great social scene, but as I have matured, the "Joneses" have become less impressive to me.

As a former model, model instructor as well as being a licensed cosmetologist, I have knowledge of beauty, and I have mastered it well. There is a time and place for all things. The time to impress is 1)political settings/social functions, 2) job interviews, 3) television, 4) photo shoots 5) courtroom, 6) presentations, and 7) "first dates." For those who need to impress everyday and have the finances to impress at that frequency, I salute you. Keep up the good work! Those lifestyles have their positives and negatives aspects.

On a separate note, this is one of my bus pictures that made the final cut for the contest. Please feel free to vote at
Thank you! Voting ends around May 18, 2011.

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  1. Mystery revealed . . . I submitted photos at two different times from two different email addresses. Judges did not connect that it was from the same person. I guess they picked one picture submission from each email address that was used. Well, it was interesting! I did not win, but most of the photos should not have even been in the same category. How do you compare a city skyline to baby picture? Anyway, It was a fun photo contest opportunity! I was using my photography skills! lol! The contest is over. On to other blog topics! Also, I am getting close to changing my look/hair again. The weather and the maintenance always gives me a challenge. Smile. I am conserving my energy! LOL! Stay tuned!