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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Going Natural: Ready for the Big Chop?

First of all, please go without a relaxer for about 16 months before you get the BIG Chop! If you do not care about styling flexibility, then you can start with a small fro at anytime.
So if you go without the relaxer, then flat twist styling will be the best. This picture is from " blackhair." While the hair is wet, flat twist five large cornrows (about the size of two of the small cornrows pictured) with an appropriate curl creme, then let them dry about an hour and a half under a pre-heated dryer. After they are completely dry, then gently loosen each cornrow (5) into a wavy style. Try to avoid heat styling for those 16 months because intense heat can cause permanent straightening of natural hair.

So you have waited 16 months? You should have about 8 inches of new growth. You are ready for the big chop! How to do it? Shampoo with KerCare Cleansing Cream about 3 times. This cream seems to condition as it cleanses. Do not expect a squeaky clean feel. Then condition with Sedal Obedient curls Anti-frizz conditioner. You should clearly see the difference between the new growth and the relaxed hair that is still hanging on. Using your hair cutting shears, cut the relaxed hair/straight hair off while the conditioner is still in the hair. The hair that falls is going to be a messy cleanup from the floor because it has conditioner all over it. Once all of the relaxed hair is cut away. You should have a head full of freestyle curls with conditioner on them. No tangles. No catching. Rinse the conditioner out and put in your leave-in conditioner while it is soaking wet. Which leave-in conditioner is right for you? If you are Type 2 or 3 for your curl pattern, then your choices are endless. If you are Type 4, then you will probably want a creme that will assist in stretching the curl pattern into twists for control until it dries, then try to style. Type 4 curl patterns are not the typical "wash n go" type. Only Type 2 and 3 curl patterns are easy to wash and go as needed. (i.e. low maintenance.)

If you are a type 4 curl pattern, learning to control and appreciate your curl pattern is a process. It may take 2 years to get it a routine down. Also, decide why you are coming out of the relaxer. Was it shedding? If so, the ceramic, ionic flat irons that claim they are "healthy" may have been the problem; not the relaxer. Please see other articles on this blog about the dangers of flat ironing.


  1. Consider SisterLocks if you are transitioning out of a relaxer. You do not have to cut off your relaxed ends. You will have the illusion of invisible braids.

  2. A New York Times video featuring a "big chop" :