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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Will my head shape look good in a wig?

Wondering if your have the right head shape to wear a wig? The weather can be unpredictable. High humidity, rain, sweat can all put a damper on a fabulous hair day. So if you are in a bind for time and want to look great, then do you wonder if a wig is an option that you can embrace to save the day? The way to answer this question is to determine if you have a flat head or not. If you get a book balanced on top of your head, then determine if the book actually touches your front hairline or is there a gap between the book and your hairline. If there is a gap, then more than likely your forehead slopes down, and a full wig will NOT be a good fit.

Actress Diahann Carroll is a perfect example of a headshape that does not conform to the typical lacefront wig. Half wigs are a better option for this headshape/forehead shape. With the half wigs, one wears their own hairline out. If you worry about the weather and your own texture matching the half wig, then you can opt for a wig with a bang. The bang could be a "swoop bang" or a "whispy bang." The bangs help compensate for the gap from the hairline to the forehead dropoff point. Also, people with this "gap" headshape will find their side profile pictures flatter them more than head on photographs. They also will find that the traditional ponytail look without a bang is not a good "bad hair day" option.

So if the book does touch your hairline, then your head is flat enough to wear a full wig. In the picture at the top of this article, ignore the bang. You can see that her forehead versus the "top of her head" has a nice 90 degree dropoff. The book lays flat on her head touching her hairline. She is a perfect candidate for a wig. Pictured here is a wig stand. Do you get the same idea?
Almost any wig would go on natural looking without much effort with a head shape like this. So a flat, straight, vertical forehead means "wig ready." A big, bulging, curved forehead is not a natural candidate for a traditional wig.

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