Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Little Precious Princesses 2011: Beauty in Puffballs!

I am so grateful that the father of these two little angels allowed me to photograph his daughters. This was a quick snapshot. I only had a few seconds. A moment in time, but a priceless moment in time. I saw these two little angels and fell in love with the natural beauty of ethnicity. The sunlight distorts their beautiful hairstyle a little. I promise they have straight part-lines separating their puffballs! Those puffballs also had beautiful shine to them. Soooo how many puffballs do you see? Much care and love went into the styling of these two princesses. They are just adorable. Many people both young and old would typically try to relax, press, or straighten this hair, but this family has learned to embrace the God giving beauty of every curl! I hope that you can feel the love and beauty captured in this snapshot!

If those puffballs were straightened out, the hair would be "below shoulder" length. However, why mess with perfection? There is power in those puffs! Just lovin them! A symbol of patience, perservance, and pride!

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