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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ceramic Tools Review: 2.25" Flat Iron

To achieve this style, I blow dried with a round brush and flat ironed with the Ceramic Tools 2.25" flat iron pictured below. I still used some hair polish and hair spray as well.
The model number of this flat iron is CTFI293. According to the customer service representative(April 2011), the ceramic plates on this tool are designed to reflect ions. So there is some ionic emissions surrounding this iron, but there is NOT a separate ionic technology present that the newer flat irons have. This Ceramic Tools iron has adjustable temperatures from 1 to 25. I had to turn this iron to about the 18 to 20 range to get the mannequin hair this sleek. Again, I used finishing products to seal the deal. The Customer Service representative said they no longer make this iron. She had to dig through hard manuals for the information because her computer database only had a brief description.

I am highlighting this iron because I feel that this ceramic iron is less damaging than the newer flat irons. Please see my other articles on flat irons.

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