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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Heat Trained Hair: Heat damaged hair?

Are you thinking cut or not to cut? Loving the extra length when sporting the "straight look?" But challenged by the straightness of the ends when desiring to wear the "naturally curly look?" It is definitely time to review the topics of "heat trained" and "heat damaged." Please start by reviewing this youtube link:
Heat Trained may mean "heat damaged" hair.
Click on this link above to watch a youtube video story that was very profound. According to her story, in as few as three flat iron visits . . . her hair became almost relaxed. She says a lot of "ums" throughout the video, but her story is interesting. Why? If flat ironing naturally curly hair will "heat damage" it then what if you have already relaxed hair and you flat iron it?

Any extreme heat source can cause damage including hard presses. This is a "food for thought" article.

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