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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flat Brushes: Blow-drying and Final Finishes

So you have extremely overcurly hair? Using a flat brush is probably safer to blow-dry with than a round brush. Actually, flat brushes seem to detangle "weave hair" better than a wide-tooth comb! Pictured are the four most popular forms of flat brushes: (from left to right) Boar bristle, Ventilated, Paddle, and Denman. I have found that using UV Sanitizers are the best way to disinfect most brushes. Of course, manually cleaning shedded hair out of the brush is the first step.
The Denman brush is actually the "brand" of the brush as well. This type of brush is their trademark. There are some "knock-off" versions of the Denman brushes, but if you can spend the extra money for the original then I recommend it. They can be multi-colored. Pictured is an all black Denman brush by the Kim Kimble collection. Some denman brushes can be disassembled for thorough disinfecting or if one desires to remove a row of teeth. The teeth are vinyl and work well on extremely overcurly hair if as long as your hair has already been well conditioned and detangled properly with the wide tooth comb. Original Denman brushes have either their name and/or logo raised in the handle and bed of the teeth area.
Pictured are small and large paddle brushes. The paddle brushes work similar to the Denman brush for blow drying purposes. Make sure that your teeth are rounded or have quality bulb caps on the teeth as to not rip the hair. These brushes are also used to wrap a finished hairstyle into a circle to remove parts from a roller set service. Sometimes they are great to use if wrapping for the hair for sleeping at night.
Boar Bristle brushes are great for smoothing hairlines. Just make sure you get first cut boar bristles that feel soft enough to brush across your arm.
Ventilated brushes work similar to the paddle brushes. The blow-dryer heat can go through the brush for better tension and drying at the roots. Also, ventilated brushes detangle commercial extension hair very well. Similar to the paddle brush, the tips of the brush should be rounded or have the bulb caps on them. If you start losing the bulb caps, then the brush can rip the hair. Higher quality brushes last longer.


  1. Can you recommend a good brush to use when doing up do's as well as a good brush to use for wrapping hair?

  2. The paddle brushes with rounded bulbs/tips are the best for wrapping hair, and the all boar (first cut) brushes are the best for smoothing edges down as stated in the article, but if you are desiring a brand name - stick with "Denmam" brand! They make paddle brushes too!

    Also, I apologize for this article format. The blogger tool had been changing formatting and spacing of the article content over the years.