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Monday, February 7, 2011

Top Hairstylists aren't just men!

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Allure magazine listed six top hairstylist in their November 2010 issue. They were all "White" men. Which leads me to the question where are all the ladies at? (Top female hairstylists! Where are you?)
Allure listed Guido, Serge Normant, Chris McMillan, Orlando Pita, Oribe, and Garren as top hairstylists.

When I think of haircare lines, I think of Paul Mitchell and Frederic Fekkai.

The world needs more female trailblazing hairstylists! Hopefully, one day, I will be leading the pack!


  1. I fully appreciate this comment. I think there's a serious gender imbalance in how the media and people in general celebrate hairstylists.

    Thank you for saying it.

    Lets celebrate the ladies!

  2. Yes! We have to continue to network and show a unified presence! I seek out female educators and platform artists. They actually earn their right to present. They can not float by on cologne and flirty conversation.