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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Titanium Flat Irons versus Ceramic Flat Irons

Can you see the reflection of the ceramic flat iron in the plates of the titanium plated flat iron?

According to my research, the advantages of the titanium flat iron over the traditional ceramic iron is that there are "no uneven hot spots," and it helps control static electricity in the hair.

I was told that running a wire clothes hanger along your clothes will eliminate static electricity in clothes. So passing the titanium(metal) plated flat iron through your hair should help eliminate static electricity and flyaways. A moisturizing flat iron protection spray such as Alfa Parf's Pure Veil should also help with static electricity.

The titanium flat iron pictured is by Croc. Babyliss has a very popular titanium flat iron. It is "sky blue" in color. The ceramic iron pictured is FHI Heat's Runway iron.

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