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Friday, January 14, 2011

Quick Grey Roots Coverage for hairline and part line.

Are you fighting grey roots or a white hairline? You want to save both time, money, and buy yourself about two more weeks without permanent color? Consider the Roux Tween time stick. Just spray the appropriate color stick with leave-in conditioner then apply in the direction of the cuticle. Keep spraying the stick and reapplying as needed. It should go on your hair while it is dry. I think this brand is the most popular color stick on the market. I keep the "dark brown" and the "light brown" available in the salon for use . . . but your local beauty supply store carries them too!

If you are shampooing your hair at home, then consider also adding this leave-in temporary color by Roux. Color #18 Spun Sand seems to be a nice color blend for brown hair. If your hair is black, pick a darker rinse color. How to use it? After rinsing your final conditioner out, just pour a little Fanci-full leave-in rinse around your hairline and your estimated part line area. Style as usual. You may have to dab a little more around your hairline if the initial application of the rinse does not hold. Also, Roux came out with a foam/mousse version of this rinse. I have not tried it yet, but this liquid version works great! It seems to lay the edges/hairline down a little too! Yes, a bonus for for coarser hair! Careful, if you have finer hair. Also, I recommend buying from a Sally's Beauty Supply to make sure that the stock is fresher. You may still have to use a little of the Roux 'Tween Time color stick too, but it will buy you a week or two without the extra chemicals!

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