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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Understanding the "Hair" Practice

Good cosmetologists are hair "doctors." We "write prescriptions" as it relates to beauty products and beauty regimens. We hope that it works for you (the loyal client) and then if it does not then we have to give you another "beauty prescription" to try.

Unfortunately, there is no "hair insurance" policy, no "Hair co-pays," and no exact science in a hair practice.

Many people are prone to hop from salon to salon . . . from hairstylist to hairstylist. They forget that hairstylists are just as human as a medical physician.

If something is not working, then you have to partner to find the best routine and best products for you.

Many times because the economy is so bad, people only go to the salon when they need a professionally styled "hairdo" that will hold as long as possible. Wow! That means the hairstylist is expected to give you the most beautiful, healthy head of hair in one visit. May I also add . . . at an affordable price . . . NOT!

Consider a tube of lipstick. If everyone gets their own tube of the same color of lipstick, would everyone have the same color of lips?

The answer is NO. The products look and react different with everyone. The higher end products usually have higher quality ingredients that should work with all hair types, but the average consumer does not want to pay much for a hair service.

The funny thing about the hair business is that hair is the most fragile thing on our body and it takes "time" to grow. It is like cooking vegetables . . . once it is cooked/overcooked it is gone! Then the "start over" or the waiting period goes into effect again.

Why not trust only cosmetologists that are always taking classes and staying current on research and trends? I personally am licensed in three states, and I keep my licensing up. I am constantly looking for the next best product to make my job easier. I am constantly networking with other professionals to stay on top of "what is working" and "what is not." All I do is "hair" for a living. It is my profession. It is how I pay my bills. It is my passion. It is my joy.

Cosmetologists have an awesome responsibility, and the dedicated, professional ones are often underpaid. Professional cosmetologists should be paid as much as medical physicians especially when we are expected to get everything right on the first visit.

Some high-end salons have their "penthouse" view and aromatheraphy built into their prices. Clients really should look at the certifications that a stylist has more than the price of the hair do. Whether you go to someone who has worked part-time for twenty years in the beauty industry versus someone who has worked full-time for five years in the industry, every stylist is not going to be right for everyone.

Happy searching for a professional cosmetologist that sees you for more than a number!

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