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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sprinkle Powder for Thinning Hair

This sprinkle powder is made of keratin fibers. You color match and shake into any thin areas of your head. You then set the powder with a styling spray. It is a cosmetic enhancement that will rinse away with water.
Many people experience thinning. Whether you are on the road to thickening up or just trying to slow down the thinning process, image is tied into self-confidence. Using a cosmetic cover-up such as this powder sometimes requires some length for the fibers to fall on to the strands. The powder stacks or towers onto the strands and builds a thicker look. In this before picture, you can see some scalp peeking through.
After sprinkling, just mist with styling spray to keep the fibers from blowing away in the wind. These little cosmetic enhancements really help with image building as you are growing your own thickness back. This method allows the scalp to breath and hair to grow without being self-conscious in regards to image. In this after picture, you see more fullness. The powder can be used everyday.

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