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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Self Gripping Curlers for rolling Commercial Hair

As you may know, commercial hair (i.e. human hair extensions and human hair wigs) take longer to dry during roller set services. These self-gripping curlers allow more air to penetrate through the roller resulting in quicker drying time. I do not suggest these curlers on porous ethnic hair nor fine hair. It does not seem to set properly.

Just use the rollers that you are accustomed to using on your own hair, and use these curlers on the extension hair only. It is okay if some of your hair overlaps with the extension hair on the curlers. Be careful not to pull too much.

To test if you are going to run into difficulty with these type of curlers. Use the rollers/curlers like a comb and run through the wet hair to be rolled. If it feels like it is going to tangle or catch, then do NOT use. If the wet hair slips through the roller, then roll to your heart's content!


  1. So these wouldn't be good to use for fine hair to roll every night to keep the volume in your hair, would they?

    1. Hi Chenoe123: Extremely long hair will probably tangle whether or not its fine. However, medium length fine hair with a smooth cuticle should be safe to use these rollers. And type of rough cuticle hair is not advised to use these rollers either.