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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Allergies to Permanent Haircolor Overview

If you are allergic to haircolor, you will know within a week of the color service completion. If you already know that you are allergic to PPD (PARA-PHENYLENEDIAMINE ), then this article is for you.

The best answer to your hair color allergies is to embrace your grey/white hair and avoid coloring it. However, if you are not ready to "go gray," then here's a compilation of what I have discovered from online resources as well as my own creative techniques.

Techniques: 1) Foiling away from the scalp, 2) using a frosting cap for shorter hair for more blending purposes, 3) adding two "Sweet n Low" (in the pink packages) to your color mixture to "neutralize" the ppd effects, 4) Rinsing the haircolor out with Sprite or Tomato Juice depending on if you are a redhead or not.

Hair color Product recommendations:1)Roux Fanci-full Temporary Haircolor Rinse - it is a leave-in product that blends grey in. The product does not give complete coverage. It is designed to shampoo out after one washing. It is only about $6 for a bottle. I still suggest performing a skin test for allergies. You can purchase from almost every beauty supply store.
2)Act by Nature/Palette by Nature - natural haircolor that must be ordered and shipped. It claims to be PPD-free; but it may not completely cover the grey. Some say it stains everything but the grey. I read the cost is about $24 a box. So if you are a resistant/white, then it may take multiple applications.
3)Act Naturals/Advanced Cosmetic Technologies - ppd free but may not cover grey on first application
4)Goldwell Elumen - direct dye; ppd-free. Highly recommended salon color.
5)Color the Gray by Light Mountain Natural - a henna based color.
6) Surya Henna - it is a special cream henna. Surya has shampoo and conditioner to help maintain the color. You may need heat lamps assist with color processing. There's a lot of positive feedback on how great the hair feels after Surya color application and Surya's after care products are used. The longer the usage; the happier the results.
7) Herbatint - there are two versions. One with PPD and the other is a type of henna.
8) Sanotint (light) - two versions. One with may have some PTD or PPD. The Sanotint Light version says 12 shades; no ppds.
9)Matrix Logics Imprint - it is a semi-permanent haircolor that claims to cover the grey for three weeks.
10)TIGI hair color or Schwarzkopf Igora Royal permanent hair color mixed with Trionic enzyme developer- - The Schwarzkopf is supposed to be ppd free. I suggest patch test!
11) L'Oreal Excellence to Go 10 minute Cream Colorant, L'oreal INOA, or L'Oreal Natural Match - INOA is supposed to be ammonia-free. I suggest patch test!

There is a lot of information on line; please visit for additional concerns about your health as it relates to on-going allergic reactions.

For more information on the product suggestions, then google on the different product lines that I suggested. You may be allergic to more than just ppd. So the information provided in this article is intended to assist you in your own personal quest without being biased to one particular product line. I look forward to your comments and feedback.


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  2. Shahbaz: Thank you for visiting my blog. Please consider becoming a follower by clicking on the "Follow" button. In reference to your question about wigs, are you looking for other brand names? or the difference between a partial frontal unit and a full wig? I am unclear as to what you are asking for. Thanks in advance for further clarification. On a separate note, I write about topics that I am passionate about. I look forward to your response.

  3. Surya Brasil Henna Haircolor and after care products are sold at the local "EARTHFARE" grocery store!

  4. I believe the some of the Healthy Home Market stores have the color by Light Mountain Naturals.

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